About the Studio

The Tuba/Euphonium Studio

The Tuba/Euphonium Studio at University of Arizona is a very active studio in the School of Music. With two large concert bands, a select wind ensemble, two jazz big bands, numerous jazz combos and a large and challenging orchestra program (two orchestras including the orchestra for an opera program of national renown), studio members have ample large ensemble opportunities. In addition, there are brass chamber music ensembles and usually a tuba/euphonium ensemble.

Performance Opportunities

UA tuba/euphonium players have many opportunities to travel and perform. The University of Arizona Brass Choir recently traveled to Bangkok, Thailand to perform. Four years ago the Wind Ensemble toured Europe as part of the International Wind Ensemble Conference. Both the orchestra and jazz band have taken several tours to Mexico.

The Advantage of Size

Our School of Music population of between 450 and 550 students provides opportunities which are only offered by some of the larger schools of music in the U.S., while our large and professional faculty allows for a great deal of personal attention, both in studio and integrated performance situations.

The tuba/euphonium studio averages fourteen in number but is usually slightly larger or smaller in any given year. Our studio typically includes students of many performance levels, from talented first year students who may not be majoring in music, to graduate students pursuing specialized degrees such as the Doctor of Music Arts in tuba/euphonium performance. With this highly diverse population, we have been able to maintain an attitude of friendly competition, cooperation and mutual support which has served the students well in helping to develop their full musical potential.

Time and Attention

In addition to the standard weekly lesson (1 hour), members of the tuba/euphonium studio participate in studio class (1 hour) as well as daily morning warmup/technique class Monday through Thursday (4 hours). This adds up to 6 hours each week of student/teacher contact, plus tuba/euphonium ensemble and chamber coaching. In addition, the studio regularly engages in social activities like group lunches or other outings. One will not find many other tuba/euphonium programs that offer so much weekly attention with the professor.

Auditioning - Undergraduate

Please visit the School of Music Website Audition Page for detailed information on the application and audition process, and to schedule an audition on one of the two school-wide audition days. The School of Music and the University have numerous scholarship opportunities for which applicants can be considered. It is always preferred that students come to campus in person to audition. However, if you live over 200 miles from campus, a video audition is permitted. In selecting repertoire for your audition, please see the Audition Requirements page for more information.

Auditioning - Graduate

While Graduate auditions may take place on the school-wide audition days, it is possible for them to be scheduled individually in certain cases. Please contact the professor to initiate the process and discuss scholarship and assistantship opportunities.