Audition Requirements

General Admission Information

New students must meet the general requirements for admission to the University. Additionally, an audition is required in the applicants' major performance field to determine proficiency and placement in the appropriate applied level. It is preferred that auditions take place at the University. In this way, the student can get a first-hand impression of the campus and the activity in the busy School of Music. During your visit you will meet Professor Tropman, ensemble conductors and, very likely, several of the students. In case of extreme distance or scheduling problems, a video recording may serve for provisional admittance.

Repertoire for the admission audition are generally selected from the traditional solo literature, etudes and, if possible, orchestral or band excerpts (where applicable). Please contact Professor Tropman for audition literature recommendations.

Audition Information

The audition format for the U of A Tuba/Euphonium Studio includes a performance for UA Brass Area Faculty and, if possible, a separate meeting with Dr. Tropman that may include a lesson. Students are asked to prepare a major work for the instrument and/or etudes/excerpts demonstrating contrasting style and the full breadth of the applicants’ musical capabilities. Sightreading may also be asked. The subsequent meeting includes a discussion concerning the expectations and requirements of the studio and adequate time for questions to be fully discussed. Professor Tropman is available to meet with parents and discuss the UA tuba/euphonium studio and answer any questions. Determination of acceptance is based not only on demonstrated ability on the instrument, but the students’ enthusiasm, attitude, and potential. Many students can learn a solo for their college audition by practicing it for several months. Certainly, the ability to perform an audition piece in a live setting is important. However, much attention is also given to the students’ potential as demonstrated in the audition, meeting, and lesson (if applicable). Students come to the audition process at very different levels of development and accomplishment, and admittance into the tuba/euphonium studio is based as much on potential as on demonstrated achievement.

One of the best times to audition is during the Southwest Junior and Senior Honor Band Festival that occurs here on campus in January. This honor band is comprised mainly of high school students from the western U.S. interested in attending the University of Arizona. In addition, there are set audition dates for the school of music which can be found here: Auditions.