There are two basic types of scholarships available to applicants: academic awards through the University, and merit-based awards through the School of Music. There are a wide variety of awards available through the University, and interested students should visit this link for more details. It is very important that auditioning students complete an application to the University and ensure that all required submissions (GPA, test scores, FAFSA) are provided. In this way, the University will automatically notify you of any academic awards you may qualify for. The School of Music cannot make any scholarship offers to auditioning students until all of this information has been received and processed by the University.

Merit-based scholarships are available to university students and are awarded on the basis of ability (demonstrated at the audition) and academic standing. Scholarships are awarded for one year but are renewable annually provided students maintain the appropriate GPA, continue satisfactory performance in the major performance area, and participate in major ensembles as required. Merit-based awards from the School of Music are competitive and proper preparation is essential. Awards can range from $500 annually to full tuition.

Graduate Scholarships/Fellowships

TThe School of Music also has financial aid for graduate tubists/euphoniumists as described below. Graduate Scholarships

a scholarship award from the School of Music that does not involve specific duties.

Studio Assistantship

At this time, the tuba/euphonium has one Assistantship, generally available every two years, for a tubist to perform as a member of the Fred Fox Graduate Brass Quintet and serve as the studio Graduate Assistant. Studio duties may include teaching lessons to undergraduate majors, convening morning warmup, assisting with recording in the Dennis Haskell Studio, and other duties as needed. Time commitment for the GA is set as 5 hrs per week with the quintet and 5 hrs per week with the studio. The studio Assistantship includes a tuition waiver, health benefits and may or may not carry a stipend as well.

General Education Graduate Teaching Assistantships:

Every year, the School of Music assigns a limited number of Graduate students to teach or assist with certain sections of General Education classes in the School of Music. These students receive a tuition waiver and health benefits. Gen Ed GTA positions are highly competitive and are based on the applicants’ demonstrated background in the areas needed. For example, a Gen Ed GTA in ethnomusicology will have a demonstrated record of coursework in that area, excellent writing skills, and a often prior teaching experience. Gen Ed GTA positions vary each year according to need.

Other University Fellowships UA has a number of University-wide fellowships that carry a full-tuition waiver and other benefits. These are highly competitive and vary from year to year.

Undergraduate Scholarships

The School of Music has available both in-state and out-of-state waivers of tuition and fees. These scholarships are available, on a competitive basis, to good musicians who want to continue their development as tuba/euphonium players at the university level. These waivers are often given for the entire year, but are sometimes given for one semester per year. The out- of- state students are eligible for both the in-state and out-of-state scholarships. All of these scholarships are automatically renewed when the student continues to improve on the instrument. It is important to note that there are no extraordinary performance requirements. The performance requirements are only those which appear in your published curriculum.

Cash Awards

Cash scholarships are also available, but on a limited basis, and may be awarded to those students who show extraordinary need, or who for some reason are ineligible for the waivers as described above.

For additional information about financial aid, visit the Costs and Financial Assistance area of the University of Arizona website.